Resipi: Sedap Steamed salmon with black beans Jalan Sofia Zulkefle

Resipi: Sedap Steamed salmon with black beans Jalan Sofia Zulkefle

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Steamed salmon with black beans Jalan Sofia Zulkefle. The steamed salmon is cooked until tender and moist and the asparagus perfectly done. The dark black bean sauce complements both ingredients perfectly and turns these simple ingredients into a feast. Salmon fillets, cooked simply with ginger, black beans and Shaoxing rice wine.

Steamed salmon with black beans Steaming accentuates the fresh flavor or the ingredients. This deliciously steamed salmon dish is a quick weeknight dinner for those evenings where you can't be taking ages slaving over the stove! Cilantro or parsley sprigs Pour this mixture onto the fish and rub generously on both sides. Anda boleh memasak Steamed salmon with black beans menggunakan 9 resepi dan 4 langkah. Inilah cara Anda memasak itu.

Resepi Untuk Membuat Steamed salmon with black beans

  1. Sediakan 1 dari fillet ikan salmon yang sedang besar.
  2. Anda perlukan 1 sudu makan dari kicap cair.
  3. Sediakan 1 dari sudu kecil kicap pekat.
  4. Sediakan 1/2 dari sudu kecil gula.
  5. Sediakan 1 sudu makan dari kacang hitam dalam tin.
  6. Anda perlukan dari garam untuk melumur ikan.
  7. Sediakan 1 ulas dari bawang putih.
  8. Anda perlukan 1 sudu makan dari minyak untuk mengoreng.
  9. Sediakan daun dari bawang untuk garnishing.

Spread the scallions and beans evenly on top of the dish. Adzuki Beans Black Beans Black-eyed peas Broad Beans (Fava Beans) Butter Beans Calico Beans Cannellini Beans Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) Edamame Great Northern Beans Italian Beans Kidney Beans Lentils Lima Beans. Place the dish into a bamboo steamer, drizzle a little vegetable oil over the salmon and place the lid on. Heat up your wok with some water, once the water is boiling, place the whole bamboo steamer into the wok and let it steam for.

Langkah-langkah Pembuatan Steamed salmon with black beans

  1. Goreng 1 ulas bawang putih. Ketepikan. Ambil 1 sudu makan minyak goreng bawang putih tadi dan masuk ke dalam mangkuk kecil..
  2. Masukkan kicap cair, kicap pekat, kacang hitam dan gula ke dalam mangkuk bersama minyak bawang putih tadi dan gaul rata..
  3. Letak ikan salmon ke dalam pinggan yang tahan panas untuk mengukus. Tuangkan bahan campuran kicap tadi ke atas ikan salmon dan kukus ikan hingga masak. Sekejap sahaja sebab fillet ikan salmon cepat masak bila dikukus..
  4. Sesudah masak keluarkan dari pengukus dan tabur daun bawang di atas ikan. Siap untuk dihidang..

The fish will look opaque and feel springy to the touch. Preparing beans from scratch is one of the least expensive ways to stay full and healthy. Dr Maoshing Ni, in his article "The Healthy Benefits of Beans and Legumes," states that. While the salmon is steaming, heat a wok or large frying pan until it is hot, then add the oil, black beans, garlic and ginger. Add the cornflour mixture and stir the sauce until it thickens.